More On The Reds: Amir Garrett

The version of March Madness ends today with updated Top 20 Prospects lists and state-of-the-system reports for the Reds and Rockies. Here’s an interesting Reds nugget that didn’t make it into my Cactus League camp report from Goodyear . . .

Three questions with Amir Garrett

Garrett’s upside as an athletic 6-foot-5 left-hander who can hit 96 mph led the Reds to draft him in the 22nd round in 2011, give him a $1 million bonus and let him play college basketball at St. John’s. NCAA transfer rules mandated that he sit out this hoops season after moving on to Cal State Northridge. He used his time off to attend spring training and will be part of low Class A Dayton’s Opening Day roster. Have you reached any decision about picking one sport?

Garrett: Right now, nothing is set in stone. I’ve been in a camp for a while but I’m not committing myself to anything yet. I’m not saying I’m done with basketball. I’m just focusing on baseball right now, doing what I need to do. When the time comes, I’ll know. I don’t know when that time will be, so I’m just going with the flow. Do you prefer one sport to the other?

Garrett: I love them both equally. That’s why it’s tough to give one of them up. I love to do both, so even though it’s difficult I find a way to do it. How much progress have you made in six weeks of spring training?

Garrett: I’ve improved a lot, in my pitching, in my delivery. Everything is coming along well. I just need time on the mound.

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