Three More Bumper Crops From The 2013 Draft

In the latest installment of our Pipeline Perspective series, we discuss which team had the best First-Year Player Draft in 2013. I advocated for the Pirates, while Jonathan Mayo went with the Twins.

Here are three more Draft classes that stood out to me (with the usual caveat that it’s far too early to know anything for sure, and clubs with multiple early picks are going to look good at this point):

Yankees: New York had more first-round picks than anyone, parlaying them into two of the best college power hitters available (3B Eric Jagielo, OF Aaron Judge) and one of the top high school left-handers (Ian Clarkin). 2B Gosuke Katoh (second round) was flying up Draft boards as June approached and had a strong .310/.402/.522 pro debut. OF Michael O’Neill (third) is a quality athlete, not to mention the nephew of former Yankees star Paul O’Neill, and they got some strong arms in the later rounds.

Diamondbacks: Arizona got a little of everything, starting at a steal at No. 15 overall with polished, athletic college RHP Braden Shipley. The Diamondbacks got two of the better power bats available in OF Justin Williams (second round) and 1B Daniel Palka (third) and two of the fastest players in OFs Matt McPhearson (fourth) and Colin Bray (sixth). LHP Daniel Gibson (seven) and RHP Jimmy Sherfy (10th) could join Arizona’s bullpen in a hurry.

Rockies: This crop feels a little top-heavy to me, but there’s something to be said for starting your Draft with the best player available (RHP Jonathan Gray, who went No. 3 overall) and an athletic high school 3B who went on to hit .321/.402/.583 against college-age competition in the Rookie-level Pioneer League (Ryan McMahon, second round). RHP Alex Balog (third) lacks consistency but shows the makings of three plus pitches.

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