Getting Right To Work

My duties here at include running my own blog, so let’s take it for a quick test drive.

My first day at HQ in Manhattan was a busy one. Yesterday, I recorded videos on recent American League and National League callups, which were blended into an Around The Minors podcast. I also wrote a story on callups and took over the @MLBPipeline Twitter feed for an hour.

As I was getting right to work, so were two of the players I discussed. While battling the Pirates for National League Central supremacy, the Cardinals are hoping that righthander Michael Wacha can solidy their fifth-starter slot and the Reds are looking for center fielder Billy Hamilton to provide a spark. Both players were promoted after the minor league season ended on Monday (though Wacha had spent most of August in the St. Louis bullpen).

Facing off last night in Cincinnati, both rookies did exactly what was asked of them. Wacha required just 80 pitches to throw six shutout innings, working at 90-95 mph with his fastball and repeatedly recording outs with his changeup. But he had to settle for a no-decision because Homer Bailey threw seven shutout innings for the Reds.

Hamilton scored the game’s lone run in the seventh inning. Ryan Ludwick led off the frame with a single off Seth Maness, prompting Hamilton’s big league debut as a pinch-runner. Well aware that Hamilton had set a minor league record with 155 steals last year, Maness tried to pick him off three times. When Maness finally delivered to the plate, Hamilton took off and beat Yadier Molina’s throw to second base. Three pitches later, Todd Frazier doubled Hamilton in.

Wacha and Hamilton have bright futures in the major leagues. And I like to think I have one here in my new job.


Jim, I am still having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I can now read ALL OF YOUR CONTENT for free. When the priorities afforded the wall being lifted I was amazed, inspired, and so appreciative of all of your hard work. You were my go to for all things prospects, and you made the journey so amazing. No matter what, I always made the effort to buy the “handbook” as a way to say thanks. I will continue to follow your work (under a microscope) as you transition to Good luck and I hope you enjoy your new digs.
Tom in Holliston

Thanks, Tom! Very excited about joining!

Very glad to have you aboard, both as an colleague and as a great addition to the Blogs community, Jim! Looking forward to your posts and will spread the word.


I look forward to reading more of your blog! It looks like it will be very well done. I’m very into up and coming prospects. I was wondering if you could check out my blog, Bleacher Boy?

-David S.
Come and check out a kid’s view on all things baseball!!

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